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We, at Virtual On, excel in creating unique, captivating Exhibition Displays solutions for our customers. We aim at transforming the ordinary into extraordinary with the help of our creative approaches, innovative ideas and profound experience. Our Mixed Reality exhibition displays come in different forms, shapes and sizes – Holographic Display Projectors and Screens, Virtual Mannequin, Touch Kiosk, Touch Table, Freestanding Totem and many more. Choose from a wide variety of our Exhibition Displays and displays to be purchased or hired at affordable prices. Get in touch with us over phone and make an immediate positive impact on your business.

Exhibition Displays

Virtual On approach can make a splash at your upcoming event, we rent and sale the Exhibition Displays, traditional screen based displays, but we also offer the latest eye catching your customers ever see, Products levitation, Holograms, Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Gerardo Silvetti – CEO / Founder

Virtual On has been a huge help providing a holographic solution for our event ” Kew Science Festival”. They provided a high quality display and quick and friendly service exceeding all of my expectations.

Chrissie Prychid, Royal Botanic Gardens, KEW

We were looking for a really eye catching display for the launching of our new perfume. Virtual On came through google and has provided a fantastic service, quick response times and amazing displays. Highly recommended.

Lauren Simon, Lauren Simon

Thank you for your professional and quick response. I wished I had found you guys before to assist us in our events with your astonishing displays.

Ann Bentley, Le fondue

I’m so happy with the result of this collaboration.

During the presentation and also after I talked with some video “experts” and photographers and they told me they have never seen this before. So many people said that everybody is looking and trying to do something in this way but nobody succeeded to capture this in such an extraordinary way.

I loved so much the poetry in it, the emotions !

An Vandevorst, A. F. Vandevorst

The presentations were a huge success! People loved the result of our collaboration.
Can’t thank you enough for this wonderful experience.

Filip Arickx, A.F. Vandevorst

It looks fantastic, many people at the exhibitions are asking for details of where we sourced the hologram from…

Tracy Murphy, JO Group

Choose Your Exhibition Displays to Stand Out in the Next Event.

exhibition displays portfolio

Virtual On’s holographic displays create the WOW factor everywhere. The 3D holographic platform integrates the holographic projector with the most advanced image processing technologies with modern mixed reality.

You can have your product levitating just in front of your eyes, without support or hidden wires. Having your product levitating and rotating will let your customers or visits speechless. Exhibition Displays for every need.

Creating a holographic illusion using a 3D Holographic Air Fan Display, is one of the most effective way to impress your visitors. The image looks like floating in the air!


Freestanding Totem

Nowadays, in the UK, an indoor free standing totem is one of the best touch screen kiosks and one of the best options to have an indoor exhibition displays. This display has a touch screen digital signage function for adds or public information in an LCD stand. Perfect for malls, shopping centres, hotels or information points.

Have you seen the illusion of a hologram? It is now possible thanks to our transparent holographic screens. They are provided in different sizes according to your needs. The 3D holographic projection screen can be used in museums, presentations, fairs or any event.

Exhibition Displayspcap-freestanding-touch-screen-kiosk-to-rent

Touch Kiosk

The Touch Kiosk is an elegant and strong kiosk display case, that works with an active cooling and dust protection system. It has a super fast touch screen with highly professional response.  All the parts are protected from overheat or dust, allowing optimal operation 24/7.

Have you seen our Virtual Mannequin? It is the perfect host creating, using a holographic model or presenter. It is used for businesses, shops or brands in events, airports and many more. Using a pre-recorded video message, it delivers information, guidance or safety instructions.

Exhibition Displays

Touch Table

Our Multi Touch Interactive Table Display is an innovative and engaging indoor display. It is used to engage and interact with the visitor, while resenting a product or giving information. As an horizontal long lasting freestanding multi touch screen table that uses apps. It is great to be used in exhibitions, school, hotels or information points.

Yes, the holographic stage is the biggest way to show a hologram. It can be used in any type of show such as business presentations, conferences or concerts. We can help you to develop the best presentation and impress the audience based on your ideas using our exhibition displays.

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